Informal picture of Frank HeckerI live in the Baltimore MD/Washington DC corridor and work as a sales engineer for the Federal sales group of Infoblox. See my professional biography for more information.

I blog here on a variety of semi-random topics that I happen to be interested in, including Howard County, Maryland (where I live) and politics (after a fashion); past topics have included Mozilla and open source, life as an eMusic subscriber, and my thoughts about music and the music business in general. (The music-related posts were formerly on my Swindleeeee!!!!! blog, which I’ve since discontinued and merged with this blog.) I also have a set of posts about my past experiences running the Blosxom blog software which may still be of interest to Blosxom users, a separate blog in which I post my math homework. and a personal tumblr in which I collect links to items of interest and less blog-worthy items. Finally, I’m also author of the book Dividing Howard: A History of County Council Redistricting in Howard County, Maryland.

Note that all posts on this blog are my own opinions, and do not necessarily represent the official positions of Infoblox or any of my other employers past, present, or future.

You can contact me at <frank@frankhecker.com> (personal) or <fhecker@infoblox.com> (work). You can also contact me by phone at +1-202-658-7535. I post occasionally to Twitter as @hecker.