Mozilla Education call: Online presentation systems

For this week’s instance of our weekly Mozilla Education call I’ll be talking about various systems for doing online presentations and related activities (e.g., screen sharing, attendee chat, audio and video broadcast, and so on), including Dimdim, WebEx, GoToMeeting, ePresence,, and OpenMeetings; feel free to also share your experiences with these and other systems. I’ll be doing the presentation itself using one such system, Dimdim; click on “Join Meeting”, and enter the meeting room as “hecker” and the ID as “mozillaeducation”. However please use the standard Mozilla Education teleconference system for the call itself.

2 thoughts on “Mozilla Education call: Online presentation systems

  1. Jigar Shah

    Though Webex and dimdim are cool. I would suggest using some opensource system so that it can server both purpose, promoting open source and facilitate live discussion. Though those system might not be complete solutions, it will promote open source.

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