Mozilla Education internship

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student who loves Mozilla and wants to help us teach the world about it? I’m happy to announce that we’re now accepting applications for a summer student internship with the Mozilla Foundation, in support of our new Mozilla Education program; for more information on the internship please see the detailed description.

(Note: If you’ve already emailed us about your interest in this, we’ll be in touch if we need further information about it. But if you want to email us again feel free to do so…)

2 thoughts on “Mozilla Education internship

  1. Charmagne Cumigad

    uhm,, is there any way i could enter your education internship without sacrificing any time for my studies, because I’m a college undergrad and I’ve got classes on summer, so would it be possible to allot time in the night while I go to school at day?

    thanks for reading but I’ll appreciate it if you would send an email… thanks again

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