Mozilla Foundation activities, week ending 2008/04/25

This is my report on activities related to the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending April 25, 2008. (Yes, I’m somewhat behind again on status reports, but will catch up again today.)

Projects for the week

Here’s a summary of what Foundation-related activities went on that week; for more information about others’ activities please see the weekly status reports published by David Boswell, Gerv Markham, and Zak Greant.

Upcoming events and activities

  • The Mozilla accessibility team will be attending and staffing a Mozilla booth at the SightCity conference (May 7-9 in Frankfurt, Germany), with sponsorship by the Mozilla Foundation.
  • I will not be able to attend the Berkman@10 conference (May 15-16 in Boston MA); if any Boston-area Mozilla people are interested in attending, please contact me.
  • Zak will be doing a keynote at the eLiberatica 2008 conference (May 30-31, 2008, in Bucharest, Romania).
  • The Mozilla Foundation will be a sponsor of the Personal Democracy Forum conference (June 23-24 in New York NY), which I’m planning to attend if possible.