SpiralFrog: “To think otherwise is to be ignorant”

Really, everyone getting excited about SpiralFrog’s announcement should just stop reading fevered pronouncements like a huge blow to established music stores such as iTunes, eMusic, and Urge and see what Bob Lefsetz has to say:

Rental, and make no mistake, SpiralFrog is rental, it’s just that you pay for it with your eyeballs/time as opposed to cash, has been proven to be a failure. …

Ignore ridiculous pronouncements of well-endowed vaporware and get down in the pit with the proletariat….

A lot of unprotected music for a low price that you own permanently. This is the only solution. To think otherwise is to be ignorant.

And who offers unprotected music for a low price that you own permanently? Hint: it’s a swindleeeee!!!!!

One thought on “SpiralFrog: “To think otherwise is to be ignorant”

  1. Chad

    In the scheme SpiralFrog is planning, the music is just a host to spread the advertising virus. Instead of offering a good product at a fair price, they are creating a fake “attention” economy. I don’t see how anyone at Apple, eMusic, or anywhere else, could see this service as a threat.

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